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CEO and Founder

T.R. Threston is the C.E.O. of World Guide Publishing (TM), and, a well-known, and, highly respected, award winning travel writer. She worked as a travel agent for a number of years before turning to a career in writing for magazines, newspapers, on-line media, and, guidebooks.

In addition to her work, T.R. is on the Board of Trustees of The New York Social Network, a charitable organization that helps raise awareness & funds for non-profit organizations. Threston also served as Chairwoman of New York Travel Writers Society 2013/2014, and, is actively involved with Collective Changes (a non-profit women's economic empowerment organization) where she serves as a Global Ambassador. Threston is also KIVA Team Captain, and, is involved with several United Nations non-profit organizations including Giving Tuesday where she serves as a Social Media Ambassador, and, she also serves a Messenger of Humanity on behalf of the United Nations. She is a member of the 2013 Women's Museum Honor Roll, and, supports a number of charities on the local level.

In addition to being a 2014 "Women in Business" Stevie Award winner, Threston was also nominated for a prestigious 2014 National Association for Female Executives Women of Excellence Award; and, she was selected by the Harris Charitable Trust as a "2014 Globally Notable Individual of Positive Change Honoree."

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